Motoring offences that attract the new on- the-spot fines & penalty points – all you need to know!

In an effort by the government to tackle what is calls ‘antisocial driving’, last month police were give the power to issue £100 fines and penalty points rather that take drivers to court.

Until now it has been necessary for the police to stop a motorist, issue a summons and take the case to court, a process, which was considered time consuming, and a waste of resources. The result being, that minor driving offences went unpunished because of the bureaucracy involved.

Did you know?

But did you know that motorists who are caught by the police under this new power will be able to choose between the fine or a chance to attend a driving course; a very useful option for drivers who are close to their 12 point threshold.

The Offences

• Driving too close to the vehicle in front

• Failing to give way at a junction (not requiring evasive action by another driver)

• Overtaking and pushing into a queue of traffic

• Being in the wrong lane and pushing into a queue on a roundabout

• Lane discipline, such as needlessly hogging the middle or outside lanes on a motorway

• Inappropriate speed

Fine increase

Fixed penalties for a number of offences, including using a phone or not wearing a seatbelt while driving, have also risen from £60 to £100. More serious driving offences will still go through the courts and could result in much higher fines and penalties because of these increased penalties for more minor offences.

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