Penalty Points and Disqualification

Penalty points can be imposed for a variety of motoring offences. With points ranging between 6 and 10 depending on the offence and 12 points resulting in an immediate six month disqualification, the consequences of having any points on your licence can be life changing.

When 10 points can be imposed for a single offence do you really want to take the risk of just accepting a 6 point penalty because it doesn’t seem worth fighting?

Why not let us do the fighting for you? Whether that is to defend the charge or argue for the least number of points possible to be imposed or none at all, you can be assured that with a Road Law Barrister in your corner you will have the best chance of avoiding disqualification.

Periods of disqualification can be imposed for a variety of offences ranging from speeding to drink driving and can even occur through the accumulation of penalty points, regardless of how trivial the offences that led to the points might seem. 

We know that any period of disqualification can be more than merely inconvenient, it can result in the loss of your livelihood.

 Therefore, why not speak to one of our expert lawyers today to ensure that you are doing everything you can to avoid being left without a car and the potential consequences that might follow.

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