Is your licence your livelihood?

Keeping your driving licence can be essential to your job. 

Our expert advce and representation can help minimise the punishment, and in many cases avoid disqualification. 

Why direct to a barrister?

  • Direct contact with the expert from start to finish
  • Speed and efficiency
  • Only pay for one legal advisor

How the Public Access Law can benefit you...

  • Direct access to a barrister
  • No need to instruct a solicitor
  • Only pay one legal advisor

Request a detailed analysis of your case with a barrister for just £199+VAT

What does a detailed analysis mean?

A barrister will review the papers you have received from the police/prosecution and speak to you to get your side of the story. They will use their expertise to determine any possible defence, the best way to approach your case and any way to reduce any penalty you could receive.

After reviewing your case, they will then hold a conference with you to discuss your options and help you determine the best route forward.

Representing our clients aiming to minimise your penalty

Our Road Law Barristers are committed to representing clients with the goal of reducing penalties and preserving driving licenses. Contact us to explore how our expertise can help you keep your driving license or secure a reduced sentence.

Providing you with expert motoring law advice

Whether you have received a notice of intended prosecution, been summonsed to attend court, or are simply worried that a road traffic offence charge could result in the loss of your driving licence, we are specialists in motoring law and we will provide you with expert legal advice.

Public Access Law

The ‘Public Access Law’ enables you to talk directly to a Barrister without instructing a solicitor.

The Benefits

  • Direct contact with the expert from start to finish
  • Speed and efficiency in dealing with your case
  • Only pay for one legal advisor

Our Fees

Our fees are fixed; no hourly rates, no surprises.