New laws proposed for young drivers

Many a senisble young driver will argue that things are tough enough for them already, with average annual insurance premiums for an 18 year old in the region of £1,800 and a possible ban after accruing 6 penalty points rather than the ususal 12 months. However things are set to get tougher as the government is committed to introducing new laws that will see a reduction in the number of road accidents involving young drivers and (hopefully) curb ‘sky-high’ premiums.

Currently 1 in 5 acidents that  result in death or serious injury involve a driver who is under the age of 24. That is why transport ministers and insurers met this week to explore how to improve safety with a view to the government delivering its’  Green Paper in the Spring which will outline possible future legislation.

Under consideration is:

  • zero limit on alcohol
  • a limit to the number of passengers
  • an extension of the current driving probationary period from 2 to 3 years
  • to spend between 6-12 months learning to drive
  • night time curfew….one change which is likely to be highly controversial and difficult to police.


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