Keep up to date with the rules of the road using Highway Code’s new app

One of Britain’s most iconic publications, The Highway Code has now been launched as an interactive app for iphones.

Much of the Highway Code’s original content has changed considerably since its launch in 1931, for example mirrors were not even mentioned in the first edition, and drivers were advised to sound their horn when overtaking!

Content of The Highway Code is already free to read online, can be downloaded as an ebook and there are also Facebook and Twitter accounts offering regular topical reminders.

By offering a new app for the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, it will be easier to keep up to date with the rules of the road through a more intuitive, interactive format.

The app includes the complete contents of the Highway Code with a search facility making it easy to find rules and information. There are also interactive features like quizzes, a stopping distance calculator and a tool to help users identify road signs.

The Official Highway Code app is available on iTunes for £3.99.

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