Fines for a range of driving offences set to increase to £90

The Transport Secretary, Patrick McLoughlin has announced that fines for a variety of driving offences would rise from £60 to £90. The number of penalty points offenders receive on their licence will remain at three.

So which road traffic offences will be affected by this change?

  • the offence of using a handheld device (texting or speaking) while driving
  • speeding
  • going through a red light

In addition, a new penalty of a £90 fine and three penalty points will be introduced for a number of careless driving offences,  which will cover the following activities done whilst at the wheel of a vehicle:

  • eating a sandwich
  • hogging the middle lane
  • lighting a cigarette and
  • driving at an inappropriate speed

During his speech to a road safety conference, McLoughlin also announced that he will be looking to introduce a new drug-driving law and that the current drink-drive limit will not be lowered.

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