‘Drugalyser’ to be given to selected police forces to catch drug-drivers

The Secretary of State has given 11 selected Police Forces from across the UK (to include Gloucestershire, Hampshire and Greater Manchester) new powers to test suspected drug drivers for cannabis.

Police will be able to test a suspects saliva using a testing kit called a “drugalyser”. Up until now, a similar test has only been able to be conducted by a doctor at a police station.

This is just one of the new steps that the government is taking to combat drug-driving. In the summer, a new law is to be introduced that will make drug driving an offence in it’s own right. Prosecutions are currently brought under the existing legislation of  “driving whilst impaired through drink or drugs”.

The ‘drugalyser’ tests will form the basis of prosecutions when cases are brought. Unlike drink-driving ANY detected levels will be against the law. The law will also cover the abuse of prescription drugs and illegal narcotics.



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